About us

This website is a work in progress. We are still working on more features and the looks. If you see anything we are missing or find something you don't like, tell us on twitter @R6Lookup or via mail [email protected].
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Thanks for choosing R6Lookup as you rainbow stats checker. You might have noticed a bar once you search a player up. That bar is for you to see if the searched player is a hacker or not. Our algorithm checks the player's stats and compares it to a month of research of what stats stick out from a hacker against a “normal” player. Something to consider is that this algorithm is new and will have its flaws. Therefore we are open for any suggestions. But we can say from testing that if the percentage is above 50% they are most likely a hacker. We also have a bar that shows what the pack chance of the searched player is.

Hacker: 86%

alpha pack: 28%

We also have something we would like to call stalker id. This random generated string is never gonna change. It's connected to your account, even if you change username. This id can be found under the username of the player with a nice copy button to keep it simple.


By default the website will select desktop as your platform. If you have your account on Playstation or Xbox then you can just press the buttons in the searchbar to change platform. And make sure there is no spaces in the username, we will make it possible to use spaces in the future.

Region is selected automatic by your current connection to the cloudflare server. This might not be accurate every time or you are checking someone from a different region, That's not a problem! You can change region at the top of the page. The regions you can select is the following Europe, North America and Asia.

You might have seen a button with the text "Go to permanent page" under the username. This is when you search someone up with the top searchbar. This page you can't access via the searchbar on your browser. But if you press the button you will go to the permanent page that will work in the browser and you can share it to your friends.